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55 meter climbing platform Scania fire truck officially settled in Baise Pingguo County

55 meter climbing platform Scania fire truck officially settled in Baise Pingguo County

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in order to meet the needs of the current urban fire situation, further strengthen the construction of military vehicle equipment and comprehensively improve the overall combat effectiveness of the team, March 21, The fire brigade of Baise Pingguo County welcomes the "new comrade in arms" -- Scania f55rlx climbing platform fire truck, which refreshes the rescue height of the county climbing platform fire truck, and can meet the fire extinguishing needs of high-rise buildings. The arrival of new vehicles has further improved the vehicle allocation standard of Pingguo brigade and greatly improved the combat effectiveness of the army

this f55rlx climbing platform fire truck, with a total value of more than 10 million yuan and a maximum bearing capacity of 500 kg, can directly carry out high-altitude rescue on 19 floors, making up for the lack of high-altitude rescue equipment in the county, and will greatly enhance the overall combat strength and fire-fighting and rescue ability of Pingguo County to enhance the development of aviation logistics

"this method has strong adaptability. If you want to be good at something, you must first sharpen its tools". In recent years, with the rapid economic growth of Pingguo County, all kinds of fire-fighting and rescue tasks are increasing, and all kinds of fire risk factors are also increasing. In order to improve the fire prevention, fire-fighting, rescue and rescue capabilities of the fire force, Pingguo brigade, in accordance with the general requirements of building a "public security fire Iron Army", operates safely and reliably, closely focusing on the needs of combat support, in establishing a support mechanism, improving the support content, expanding the support channels Increase support investment, actively explore, take multiple measures at the same time, and comprehensively promote the construction of logistics equipment. The f55rlx climbing platform fire truck purchased this time has further improved the overall combat effectiveness of the army. The officers and soldiers unanimously said that they will be familiar with the equipment as soon as possible, so that the best combination of equipment and people can be achieved, give full play to the maximum efficiency of equipment and equipment, and make greater contributions to the economic construction and development of Pingguo

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