SBS rubber Market Review in January and market for

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SBS rubber Market Review in January and market forecast in February

international market: due to the rise in raw material prices and the rebound in Chinese market demand, SBS in Asia picked up in January, and the price rebounded sharply by $150/ton, at $1550/ton (CFR, equivalent to RMB 16275/ton), with fierce trading

domestic market: summary of domestic market in January: under the traction of rising downstream demand, sharp decline in the arrival of imported resources and soaring external prices, as well as the increase in the enthusiasm of traders and downstream manufacturers to buy, 1. The arc synchronous gear belt is mainly due to the tight supply of domestic resources, which provides a great opportunity for traders and manufacturers to raise prices, promoting Fujian, Zhejiang The market situation in South China continued to heat up, and the price soared again by 1000 yuan/ton, especially in Fujian and Wenzhou. Even for the bright spots of innovation, manufacturers also significantly increased the ex factory price by 800 yuan/ton, and downstream manufacturers also began to enter the market to buy. By the end of the month, the market prices in Fujian, South China and East China were: yuan/ton (Fujian, South China) and yuan/ton (East China)

market forecast in February: due to the shortage of domestic resources and the low inventory of traders and petrochemical production enterprises, at the same time, due to the continued high external prices, it is difficult for imported resources to flow into the Chinese market. In the short term, there is a large gap in domestic resources. In addition, traders took the opportunity to speculate on the market and petrochemical manufacturers significantly increased factory prices due to tight goods, which showed signs of amplification of the market rise in January. With the further increase of the market, due to the slow follow-up of downstream demand, there is a lack of driving force for the rise. More importantly, the high-level resistance of traders and downstream manufacturers is rising day by day, and the inventories of traders and petrochemical production enterprises are rising one after another. In order to clean up the inventory, some promotion strategies are bound to be adopted. Therefore, the SBS rubber market trend in February: the first half of the month was high-level oscillation, dominated by inertial small-scale adjustment; the second half of the month was high-level consolidation

at the end of January, the Ministry of domestic affairs will divide AK by the cross-sectional area at the notch of the sample, F, and the average transaction price of SBS rubber products in cities (unit: yuan/ton)

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