SCA is eager to see the integration of European ti

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SCA is eager to see the integration of the European Tissue Market

sverker Martin lof, President and CEO of SCA Sweden, said that the company hopes to see more integration in the European sanitary products market. His comment was made at the meeting to discuss the company's performance in the first quarter of 2001, and why the tensile testing machine adopted the light bar. He pointed out that compared with the United States, the European industry is still fragmented

In addition to affecting the jaw, Martin lof said that for small and medium-sized manufacturers, it may be more beneficial for them to divest this business, especially in southern Europe. As for SCA, it is more willing to focus on some special market areas, because these areas are more stable and profitable. SCA's merger activities may focus more on specialization than quantity

after the plan to acquire Finnish forestry household paper company failed, the company decided to improve the cost structure by reducing the number of factories and shifting production based on primary fibers to waste paper. Martin lof also revealed that SCA will postpone the launch of new projects in Europe and concentrate on making better use of the capacity of existing equipment

a year ago, SCA announced an efficiency improvement plan. According to this plan, the company will merge the household paper factories and concentrate these businesses in a few factories with an annual production capacity of more than 100000 tons

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