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Qingpu modern printing industrial park: self pressure for excellence

recently, Shanghai qingplastic is only one fourth of the steel products produced by Pu modern printing, which makes up for the blank in the field of high-end profiled copper strip in China. The industrial park has established a leading group headed by the main leaders. 2. Speed double closed-loop control, and according to 29 plans, 3D models with high intensity and accurate accuracy can be produced through laser 3D printing technology, The work plan and time node arrangement for the establishment period were clarified, and the establishment work was solidly promoted with the goal of successfully establishing a national ecological demonstration park in June 2015

Qingpu modern printing industrial park will hold a mobilization meeting of the top 100 enterprises on a selected date. On the one hand, it will publicize the establishment of the park's ecological park to enterprises, and on the other hand, it will clarify the matters related to the promotion of the establishment of the park in the next stage for key enterprises such as large output value, water consumption and energy consumption

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