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Qinghai will build a new batch of petrochemical units

Qinghai will build a new batch of petrochemical units

next refueling effort in August, 2001

Qinghai Golmud refinery, the only large-scale one million ton refinery in Qinghai Province, will build 100000 tons of Pro hydrogen condensate reduction units and 10000 tons of gasoline additive (MTBE) units in the near future, The recovery of methanol by-product hydrogen produces about 380million waste pen refill utilization devices and Chang

compressed aviation coal production devices every month in China. These devices are planned to be completed and put into operation by 2005

after the completion of the plant, the plant will be able to produce high-grade gasoline, low pour point diesel and aviation oil. According to the economic development needs of Qinghai Tibet and Qinghai Tibet provinces, we will process 4million tons of crude oil, produce 3.57 million tons of refined oil and liquefied petroleum gas, 400000 tons of methanol and 60000 tons of polypropylene in 180 d=5a

Since its establishment in 1991, the plant has processed 4.5 million tons of crude oil, produced 3million tons of refined oil, 130000 tons of methanol, replaced 30000 tons of broken polypropylene with a spare dry spring relay, and paid 1.1 billion yuan in taxes

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