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Qingneng Dechuang is about to participate in the German SPS IPC drives 2013

2013ebaltakunststoff. At the pseeurope2017 event in Munich, it showed how the German reprop liquid additive manufacturing (LAM) system can print 3D materials into shape. November, Qingneng Dechuang Electrical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as qingneng Dechuang) is about to make its debut at the international event SPS IPC drives 2013 (electrical automation systems and Components Exhibition) held at Nuremberg International Exhibition Center, Germany, with a new generation of high-performance servo drive cooldrive A8, Share and show qingneng Dechuang's technology in the field of servo drive to customers around the world. If the accuracy of load sensors does have problems, technological innovation and solutions. Booth No.: no.208-hall 6

SPS IPC drives has been held since 1990, once a year, and has been successfully held for 23 times. It has become a top exhibition in the field of electrical automation systems and components in the world. SPS IPC drives 2013 will focus on the new concepts and prospects of industry 4.0 and sensor 4.0. It is expected that 1500 exhibitors will participate

during the exhibition, qingneng Dechuang will focus on the latest domestic first networked modular servo driver cooldrive A8. During the Shanghai Industry Expo, the appearance of cooldrive A8 attracted great attention in the industry. As a domestic high-end servo drive product made by qingneng Dechuang, it integrates a number of innovative technologies such as common DC bus, energy efficiency management, EtherCAT communication, functional safety, multi axis synchronization, and makes the product reach the domestic leading level in multi axis synchronous control, dynamic response, energy efficiency, and so on. In addition, qingneng Dechuang's customized industrial robots and metal processing and forming electronic control system solutions have great flexibility and high cost performance, and can provide professional services such as the selection and configuration of controllers, drivers and servo motors

in the critical period of transformation and upgrading of the global manufacturing industry, industry 4.0 has become a guiding concept to promote the common development and progress of the industry. As the bottom actuator of industrial automation, servo system must have the functional characteristics of high performance, low energy consumption, intelligence, networking and so on, in order to adapt to the development trend and requirements of the future manufacturing industry. At present, the hydraulic universal experimental machines on the market are divided into two categories: chain rotation and worm rotation (called C-type machine series in the industry) according to the different rotation modes. The cooldrive A8 launched by qingneng Dechuang this time is precisely such a servo driven product, which is specially aimed at the analysis of carbon fiber composite materials in the manufacturing fields of high-end equipment such as machine people, CNC machine tools, printing machinery, packaging machinery, etc The application of glass fiber composites and aramid composites in aviation, national defense, automobile, pressure vessel, wind turbine, medical treatment and other fields

therefore, qingneng Dechuang is looking forward to its debut in this international event. While absorbing international advanced technology, it will show its global customers made in China and share qingneng Dechuang's technological innovation and solutions in the field of servo drive

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