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Qinghai strives to produce 9.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas by 2020. Recently, the Qinghai Provincial People's government announced the implementation plan of Qinghai Province on promoting the coordinated and stable development of natural gas (hereinafter referred to as the plan). Note that it has passed the FDA approval standard. In order to realize the healthy, orderly, safe and sustainable development of the natural gas industry, Qinghai has made a layout from many aspects, such as strengthening exploration and development, building a multi-level reserve system, strengthening the construction and interconnection of natural gas infrastructure, establishing a prediction and early warning mechanism for natural gas supply and demand, and establishing a comprehensive coordination mechanism for natural gas development

relying on the advantages of resources, in terms of exploration and development, the plan requires PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Company to increase the investment of exploration and development funds and working forces, increase the development of Dongping, Sebei, Jianbei and other gas fields, and strive to achieve 9.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas production in the province by the end of 2020. Stanyl and stanyl fortii have been recognized by global producers

strengthening the construction and interconnection of natural gas infrastructure is the premise to ensure high-quality gas for people's livelihood. The plan proposes the planning and construction of wedge-shaped jaw fast natural gas utilization project to promote the implementation of the project. According to the "work plan for Qinghai Province to build a national clean energy demonstration province (2018-2020)" issued at the end of last year, many projects have been "named" to promote, including: Connecting China National Petroleum Sales West Branch, implementing the natural gas source of Hualong and Xunhua counties, and orderly promoting the construction of natural gas transmission and distribution and gas supply projects in the two counties on this basis; Promote the construction of natural gas utilization project in Haiyan County, Haibei Prefecture, and introduce natural gas from the se Ning Lan pipeline into Haiyan County, Haibei Prefecture; Plan to build Huangnan Prefecture and Hainan prefecture Qi 1. The natural gas utilization project of wire rod changing experimental machine in counties, and realize the natural gas supply of pipelines in Henan County, Zeku County, Tongren County and Jianzha County of Huangnan Prefecture, Guinan County, Tongde County and Xinghai County of Hainan prefecture; Relying on the construction of lage natural gas pipeline, demonstrate the feasibility of Yushu branch pipeline project, which is the core area of bufrozen spring Sanjiangyuan National Park

in addition, in order to strengthen the safe operation mechanism of the whole natural gas industry chain, the plan specifies that market supervision departments at all levels in the province should effectively strengthen the supervision and inspection of the installation quality of special equipment such as pressure vessels and pressure pipelines involved in natural gas storage, transmission and distribution construction projects, further promote the legal inspection of oil and gas transmission pipelines and pressure vessels in use, strictly implement daily supervision, inspection and management, and strengthen the safety control of major risks, Effectively ensure the safe operation of gas related pressure vessels, pressure pipelines and other special equipment

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