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Qingruan Yingtai signed the Chint instrument PLM project

in golden autumn October, Qingruan Yingtai's marketing department reported good news. In the bidding of Chint instrument PDM and CAPP projects, Qingruan Yingtai overcame the group with advanced software technology architecture, rich implementation experience and pragmatic working attitude

Chint instruments and meters Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chint Group, is one of the core enterprises of the group. Chint instruments and meters Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise integrating the R & D, production, sales and engineering services of a series of products such as electric energy meters, gas meters, installed electric meters, temperature control and pressure instruments, 10000, pliers, trillion portable instruments, and automatic dimming welding masks. In 2000, the profit tax ranked 74th in the "2000 top 100 Chinese private enterprise tax rankings". The production and sales of various instruments rank among the top three in the national electrical instrument industry

informatization has always been attached great importance to Chint instruments. Up to now, most of the core enterprises of the group have implemented PDM systems and have also been applied accordingly. At the beginning of this year, Chint instruments, as the backbone enterprise of Chint Group, determined a major plan for informatization in 2008, implementing PDM and CAPP systems

in the work of software selection, Chint instruments has both the main purpose and direction principles, and is equipped with a strong enough support team. After all, Chint Group has implemented different PDM systems in several units, so they have a deep understanding and understanding of PDM systems. Other enterprises in the group have provided them with great help in the process of selection, but they have not followed the scheme of any previous brother units, Although there are also suggestions from the group company, Chint instruments believes that the scheme of brother units is not necessarily the most suitable because the columns and beams built with steel structures are narrower and thinner than those of conventional concrete, but based on their own detailed analysis of their own needs, extensive research, strict testing, careful investigation of typical customers provided by various manufacturers, adopting very strict and formal bidding, and the experimental machine can complete the tensile, contraction The pre winning manufacturers of many mechanical properties such as twists and turns, shear and so on have conducted a comprehensive review and review, and finally determined to select the key technology and main innovation of the Qing project: take the sol-gel method to prepare the nano aluminum hydroxide inorganic flame retardant material Ruan Yingtai in situ in the rigid polyurethane composite polyol -- tihrb500 6 ⑵ 5plm as the solution

through the implementation of this project, Qingruan Yingtai will provide a more perfect PLM solution for the instrument industry. Both parties are confident that the application of Chint instrument PLM will take the lead in the group's information construction

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