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Qingquanba high-rise buildings stand without street lights, and the lighting at night depends on the shop signs

relying on the shop signs alone can obviously not meet the safe travel of residents in qingquanba area at night

in qingquanba area with high-rise buildings, the occupancy rate continues to rise. In recent years, when the city light project is opened at night, many tall buildings in qingquanba are reflected in the Jialing River. However, at night, more than 600 new material manufacturing enterprises in Ningbo have entered qingquanba area, but it is another scene: there is no street lamp installed in the whole area. If it is not for the lights in the shops and shop signs near the street, many streets in qingquanba area will be dark at night

after five years' stay, there is still no street lamp on the street

recently, several citizens living in qingquanba area of Shunqing District reported that there is no street lamp installed in qingquanba area, hoping to pay attention to this matter and promote its solution

Mr. Ren, a citizen, moved into coco Xiangjiang community in qingquanba District five years ago. At that time, the occupancy rate in qingquanba area was very low, and there was no street lamp on the street. When night falls, the streets are dark, and few residents go out at night. Five years later, the occupancy rate of coco Xiangjiang, Century City, AVIC city and other residential areas has increased significantly. But the whole qingquanba area is still not equipped with a street lamp, which not only brings hidden dangers to people and vehicles, but also affects the urban landscape

on the evening of the 5th, I drove into qingquanba area from Yiyi road bridge and saw that a large number of street lights were installed on the bridge and turned on normally. After entering Qingjia Road, due to the lack of street lights, the street was very dark, but several traffic monitoring probes showed light, and then turned on the high beam and slowed down

when entering Yinquan Road, Qingxiao road and Huiquan road one after another, although street lamps were not installed, the light on the street was significantly improved. This is because a large number of street shops and shop signs emit lights, providing a certain amount of lighting for the road. Even so, the light on the street cannot be compared with the light provided by street lamps. When the street shops closed one after another late at night, some citizens who need to go home late at night can only feel the darkness

there are great potential safety hazards when traveling at night

a large number of vehicles are parked on many streets in qingquanba area at night, many of which are heavy trucks. In addition, some vehicles are parked at the turning of the road. Under the condition of insufficient lighting, normal driving vehicles are easy to collide with these vehicles parked on the roadside. When the vehicle turns, it may not be able to observe pedestrians crossing the street in time. The owner of a shop said that due to insufficient lighting, a car crashed into another car parked on the roadside one night not long ago, but fortunately there were no casualties

it is noted that although street lamps are not installed, with the increase of occupancy rate, many residents still walk in the streets at night. On Yinquan Road, the sidewalk in the East is not hardened, and there are also many gravel and floor tiles scattered on it, which brings inconvenience to pedestrians at night

the lack of urban lighting system in qingquanba area is a chronic problem. At present, many production enterprises in Shunqing District comprehensive bank have particularly high requirements for the quality of equipment. Such situations occur when vehicles are running. He Fei, director of the street lamp Institute of the law Bureau, said that the extensive development mode of municipal facilities in qingquanba area, which relies on the city to raise the price of coal, has been unsustainable, and the construction center should also be responsible for the construction of street lamps, Then hand over to the street lamp office for daily operation and maintenance

He Fei also said that the street lamp Institute has been actively and actively docking with the municipal construction agency center, hoping to install street lamps in qingquanba area as soon as possible. In 2018, the streetlight office sent two letters to the municipal construction agency center on the installation of streetlights in qingquanba. However, streetlights have not been installed in qingquanba area so far. (music school minister text/picture)

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