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On June 19, Qingshan Paper announced three investment decisions involving an amount of more than 45million yuan. Castle Peak paper, which is brewing industrial transformation, finally did something and didn't do something after continuous exploration, withdrew from the application software project and concentrated on the operation of the optical communication industry

the announcement shows that Shenzhen optoelectronic device project, as one of the investment projects to be allotted, will enter substantive operation in advance. The project plan was finalized at the annual meeting of the shareholders of Qingshan Paper at the end of May, and the company plans to invest 171million yuan in stock raising

according to Chen Bingsheng, the company's secretary of the board of directors, as the allotment of shares in 2000 is still under planning, and the development of industrial projects is not waiting for us, Qingshan Paper decided to first use bank loans to set up a joint venture with the project partner Shenzhen Hengbao Tongguang Electronics Co., Ltd. to carry out the preliminary work of the project, such as the price increase of 40% for the glass review of the plot, the construction of batches, workshops, etc., so as to shorten the construction cycle of optical and electrical components projects, Strive for opportunities for industrial development. It is understood that the proposed Shenzhen Leibo optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 30million yuan, of which Qingshan Paper contributed 27million yuan and hengbaotong contributed 3million yuan

at the same time, Qingshan Paper decided to withdraw its investment in iFLYTEK Software Technology Co., Ltd. and transferred 39% of its equity to Fuzhou Pfizer Industrial Co., Ltd. at a price of 12.9168 million yuan, which was 20% higher than the original investment. Chen Bingsheng said that the company withdrew its investment in this project in order to focus on the operation of the optical communication industry

according to the profile, the withdrawal of Qingshan Paper also takes into account two factors: first, the current application software market competition is disordered, pirated software is full of, and the project profit is not optimistic; Second, the cooperation between the company and the project partners is not ideal

in addition, Qingshan Paper also announced that it plans to invest 5.7 million yuan to increase the shareholding of its holding subsidiary qingjiashi in Fuzhou free trade zone. The seemingly simple grade 1 steel joint shall not be less than 350Mpa problem Industry Co., Ltd. after the transfer is completed, Qingshan Paper will account for 95% of the registered capital of Qingjia industry. It is reported that Qingjia industry is mainly engaged in the import and export of waste paper, with good operating efficiency. Qingshan Paper's increased investment in the company will also help to improve the profitability of the paper industry chain, which will objectively support the company's operation of new industries

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