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Qingneng Dechuang servo new products shine ciros2014

on July 9, the 2014 China International Industrial Robot Exhibition (ciros2014) was grandly opened in the 330 Passenger Center of Shanghai New International Expo. Qingneng Dechuang made a grand appearance with the latest servo product cooldrive A8 and industrial robot solutions

it is reported that cooldrive A8 servo driver has made a major breakthrough in the application field of industrial robots. At the exhibition site, qingneng Dechuang fully exhibited its industrial robot solutions, which attracted wide attention and recognition from users in the industry. During the exhibition, Mr. Chen Deming, President of the Association for relations across the Taiwan Straits and former Minister of Commerce, and his delegation visited the qingneng Dechuang booth in person, highly affirmed the cooldrive A8 servo driver, and expressed their ardent expectations for the localization of key robot parts and technologies

Mr. chendeming, President of the Association for relations across the Taiwan Straits and former Minister of Commerce, visited the qingneng Dechuang booth

the six joint industrial robot used in this exhibition project is suitable for handling, laser cutting, polishing and other occasions. It is necessary to achieve a high joint speed. Our Jinan new era gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. produces experimental machine manufacturers and repeated positioning accuracy, and requires to maintain the stability of the robot when running with load. The flexible load of the robot is not easy to reach the stable load. The foreign servo driver can suppress the vibration and maintain the stability of the robot through some control strategies and algorithm compensation; In contrast, domestic servo drivers cannot reach this level, which is one reason why many domestic servo products cannot be applied to industrial robots. For the vibration problem of the robot, cooldrive A8 adds speed, acceleration feedforward compensation, torque compensation and other compensation algorithms, and develops positioning jitter elimination, inertia feedforward and other functions, which can meet the indicators of similar foreign products, and better solve the vibration of the robot body during high-speed operation and rapid positioning. In addition, cooldrive A8 also adds motor field weakening control technology to realize the light load and high-speed operation of the robot, and adds encoder signal correction technology to improve the stability of the robot and reduce the noise in operation. Customers can also manually set the internal functional parameters of the servo driver through the controller to achieve precise control

mechanical test data of steel wire rope and steel wire in recent years, domestic robot manufacturers and equipment manufacturers have begun to develop delta parallel robots. However, due to the short development time of delta parallel robots in China, the load capacity and motion speed and other performance indicators of domestic delta parallel robots are inferior to foreign delta parallel robots. In order to improve the load capacity and motion speed, domestic manufacturers often purchase foreign high-end servo systems, but increase the production cost and lose the competitive advantage. The appearance of cooldrive A8 broke this situation. At the exhibition site, qingneng Dechuang showed its application solutions for delta robots

cooldrive A8 servo driver is designed with EtherCAT Industrial Ethernet. The control cycles of current loop, speed loop and position loop can reach 62.5us, 125us and 250us respectively, and the frequency response is as high as 3kHz. Therefore, it can fully meet the performance requirements of high-speed response and high synchronization of high-speed parallel robot. In addition, various feedforward compensation functions, control parameter adjustment functions and positioning vibration suppression functions of cooldrive A8 further improve the response performance, control accuracy and system stability of the system. The domestic innovative modular structure and common DC bus design simplify the system wiring, make the system expansion more flexible, and improve the energy efficiency. Cooldrive A8 integrates STO, SS1, SS2 and other safety functions, which can trigger preset safety actions in case of emergency. Zeon chemicals, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, announced on February 12, 2013 that the equipment and personal safety were blocked

the on-site audience visited qingneng Dechuang booth

in the process of product trial, the performance of cooldrive A8 even exceeded that of similar foreign products previously used by users, and was highly praised and affirmed by customers. From the launch of new products to industry breakthroughs, qingneng Dechuang has gradually established a high-end product image in the industry through leading technology and positioning, and has always focused on technological improvement and innovation, contributing to the localization of key parts of robots, reducing the overall cost of domestic robot manufacturers, and improving the competitiveness of domestic robots

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