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PetroChina Iran project has been warned that if it is not improved, it will lose the right to contract

the head of NIOC said that it is possible to transfer the whole project to powerful domestic contractors

Iran reiterated on Saturday (August 13) that if China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) does not speed up its investment in the South Pars gas field, it will issue an ultimatum to withdraw the right to develop the gas field. A week earlier, Iran's new oil minister said that foreign contractors were not needed

according to Reuters, Maher news agency of Iran quoted Ahmed jalbani, the head of National Iranian oil company (NIOC), who said that if the orders of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and China's plastic extruder enterprises rise sharply, the company will definitely issue an ultimatum to the South Pars gas field phase 11 project if it continues to delay the development. He also said that if the development of the project maintains the current situation, the whole project may be transferred to powerful domestic contractors

South Pars gas field is the largest natural gas field in the world, accounting for about half of Iran's total reserves (28 trillion cubic meters). PetroChina signed a US $4.7 billion contract with Iran in 2009, replacing total of France to develop the 11th phase of South Pars gas field

daoda Zaire and other European companies were forced to withdraw from Iran, which was replaced by PetroChina because the European Union issued a strict ban prohibiting enterprises from investing in Iran's oil and gas industry

according to Reuters' previous report, a PetroChina official once said that due to the "capital problem", it was unable to provide the required funds for the investment of the South Pars gas field project

the National Iranian oil company (NIOC) warned in June that some people who have technology but do not want to start a business said that China should fulfill its due diligence in development. If PetroChina delays the project, it will replace it with "local enterprises"

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