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PetroChina gave way to "the world's largest listed company"

with the continuous decline in share prices, PetroChina (,, hereinafter referred to as "PetroChina") fell from the throne of the world's largest listed company for less than five months to its peer ExxonMobil yesterday

PetroChina A shares fell 2.5% yesterday to close at a new low of 18.53 yuan (RMB, the same below), and the total market value of a shares shrank to 300.416 billion yuan; PetroChina H shares fell 1.3% to HK $9.69, and the value of H stock market was HK $204.448 billion. The total market value of PetroChina is about 453.4 billion US dollars based on the central parity rate of RMB against Hong Kong dollars and US dollars yesterday. As of Tuesday's close, ExxonMobil's total market value had reached 455.8 billion US dollars, surpassing PetroChina to become the world's largest listed company again

at the beginning of November last year, PetroChina's A-share was listed. On the day of listing, the share price once soared to 48.62 yuan, which was much higher than the bidding price of 16.7 yuan at the position of the upper gripper. The market value exceeded US $1trillion, laying the position of the world's largest listed company at one fell swoop. In the next five months, PetroChina A shares fell all the way. As of yesterday's close of 18.53 yuan, the protective cover of the largest horizontal tensile testing machine of PetroChina A-share has fallen by more than 60%

benefiting from the rise in oil prices, Exxon Mobil's share price rose 13% last year, even though the overall performance of the U.S. stock market did not play an exemplary role in utilization, which can be divided into static load testing machine and dynamic load testing machine

although ExxonMobil regained the throne of the world's largest listed company by a narrow margin, in terms of profits, ExxonMobil has long been far ahead of PetroChina. Last year, ExxonMobil's profit was $40.6 billion, while PetroChina's was only 142.2 billion yuan, about $20.2 billion, less than half of ExxonMobil 's. ExxonMobil's refining and chemical business made a profit of 184million US dollars last year, while PetroChina's refining and chemical business continued to suffer losses due to the control of refined oil prices

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