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PetroChina accelerated the integration of downstream gas companies

"big PetroChina, small Kunlun Gas". Once in the natural gas field, the upstream business of PetroChina was strong, while the downstream gas distribution system was small and scattered. But from now on, this situation will be completely changed. And such a life scene will also appear in front of you. Turn on the gas cooking of PetroChina gas company, and of course, go to the PetroChina gas station to refuel

After the gas shortage, PetroChina took the integration and acquisition of downstream gas companies as the strategic task of the group

PetroChina integrates natural gas or backdoor PetroChina Hong Kong

since the evening of November 27, PetroChina has successively posted decentralized equity auction notices of dozens of subordinate gas companies on the Beijing Equity Exchange and Shanghai equity exchange. According to the statistics of e-finance as of December 2, the initial amount involved is about 2billion

PetroChina insiders said that after the gas shortage, PetroChina learned from the pain and decided to launch and accelerate the strategic integration of PetroChina's downstream gas companies. However, if it is PetroChina's internal integration of assets, why should it be publicly auctioned at the property exchange? A person close to PetroChina said that the move was to pave the way for PetroChina Hong Kong, a listed company in Hong Kong, to purchase flat-panel natural gas assets downstream of the group that can be loaded with goods

yesterday, PetroChina Hong Kong, a listed company of PetroChina Hong Kong, successfully raised HK $3.6 billion by placing shares. The company said that the funds were used to develop natural gas downstream business. Earlier, Li Hualin, chairman of PetroChina Hong Kong, said that PetroChina was successively injecting some downstream natural gas assets into the company. Li said that the largest of these gifts would be Kunlun Gas established by PetroChina at the end of 2008. In an interview with the media, he said, "the parent company will cultivate and develop natural gas projects through Kunlun Gas. When the project is mature, Kunlun Gas will be injected into PetroChina Hong Kong"

at the end of 2008, PetroChina Kunlun Gas Company was established. This youngest subordinate company of the group has been shouldering the important task of integrating the decentralized gas companies in the downstream of the group and entering the downstream from the beginning

at present, PetroChina has hundreds of small and medium-sized gas companies in various provinces and cities, and even the return of sales prices to a reasonable range is mainly based on the investment of subordinate companies of the group. For example, Daqing oil field Zhongqing gas company, which is auctioned this time, is an enterprise 100% controlled by Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau. However, from local integration to central integration, the integration within the group is also accompanied by interest disputes. The above-mentioned PetroChina insiders told Yi Caijing that the resistance to the acquisition is not small, and both hard and soft needs to be applied. But now, the integration effect of PetroChina in Sichuan after this business shift is quite good. Among the many enterprises that hang up the auction, most of them are PetroChina's Sichuan gas company. The above-mentioned PetroChina person said that this time PetroChina will focus on cultivating Kunlun Gas and carry out strategic acquisitions on its behalf. This acquisition includes the internal integration of the group, as well as some local urban gas companies

private gas life and death disaster

"anyway, PetroChina is the gas supplier, and you can see so many problems." An unnamed person in charge of a domestic gas company told Yi Caijing. The performance of PetroChina during the gas shortage made these private or foreign-funded gas companies dare to be angry and dare not speak

according to PetroChina insiders, one 50 ton electric arc furnace and one 50 ton refining furnace will be exposed. Turkmenistan's natural gas will reach the territory on January 15 next year and start to supply gas for the second west east gas transmission line. PetroChina has the right to decide who to give or how much to plan. PetroChina's downstream business still makes these private or foreign-funded gas companies feel cold

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