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In contrast, PetroChina Daqing Oilfield built an equipment manufacturing base of 10 billion yuan

1 then on October 16, the production workshop of Lishen pump company of PetroChina Daqing oilfield equipment manufacturing group was busy. In the first nine months of this year, the revenue was 440million yuan, completing 74% of the annual plan, an increase of 28% year-on-year. This has laid a solid foundation for the group to complete its business tasks throughout the year, and Lishen pump has also become the main force in Daqing Oilfield to build a 10 billion yuan equipment manufacturing base that is "domestic first-class and internationally renowned"

after 50 years of high-speed and efficient development, Daqing Oilfield has stood at a new historical starting point. How to achieve the overall coordinated development, the task is more arduous. Daqing Oilfield plans as a whole and strives to build an equipment manufacturing base, which is an important part of the grand blueprint for the construction of a century old oilfield

Daqing oilfield equipment manufacturing group is an integrated enterprise integrating mechanical processing, electric submersible pump, perforating equipment, screw pump, special automobile manufacturing, drilling equipment manufacturing, supporting and equipment repair in Daqing Oilfield, which is based on the interface on the controller of Daqing Oilfield universal laboratory machine and the major strategic deployment of ensuring the continuous and stable production of 40million tons of crude oil one by one and supporting one of the "five bases" of century old oilfield construction, It can produce more than 300 varieties of petroleum machinery products in 15 series, with an annual output value of more than 2.2 billion yuan, and has become the leader of Daqing oilfield equipment manufacturing industry

vigorously explore the market and expand the space for survival and development. Daqing oilfield equipment manufacturing group insists on taking the market as the foundation of survival and development. In the internal market of the oilfield, it takes serving the century old oilfield as its own responsibility, comprehensively implements 24-hour and 24-hour service, increases communication with oil production plants and research institutes, understands user needs, continuously improves product and service quality, and expands the market share of screw pumps, oil and gas production wellhead and other products. In the domestic market, according to the market characteristics of different regions, service stations are set up in the main target markets to occupy the market with honesty, trustworthiness and high-quality services. Not long ago, the perforating equipment successfully entered the Zhanjiang market of CNOOC, which has been tracked for nearly a decade. It sold more than 30000 perforating charges and generated more than 3 million yuan in revenue. In the international market, they make full use of internal market development resources, and take advantage of overseas marketing advantages such as electric pumps and perforating equipment to drive the export of pumping units, oil pumps, oil and gas production wellhead and other products. At present, they have entered the Syrian market for the first time on the basis of existing large-scale markets such as Sudan, Indonesia, Oman, Kazakhstan and so on

vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation and provide a strong guarantee for sustainable development. Adhere to taking scientific and technological research and development as the guide of development, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, successively establish cooperative relations with 9 universities and scientific research institutions such as Harbin Institute of technology, and establish a framework agreement with Daqing Petroleum Institute for cooperative research and development. Through independent research and development and introduction and absorption, we will gradually form a new product development strategy of production generation, development generation, reserve generation and prediction generation, and establish a technological innovation mechanism integrating market, research and development and production. Increase project investment. This year, the group has arranged 114 scientific research projects and plans to invest 27million yuan in scientific research. At present, all scientific research projects are progressing smoothly according to the plan, including the development of automatic slurry mixing cementing truck, wellhead penetrator, water injection technology of electric submersible pump in the same well, and the research of full bore and horizontal well perforator technology, which have achieved gratifying phased results

pay close attention to the construction of basic projects and improve production capacity. The group insists on focusing on expanding production capacity and pays close attention to four projects under construction: Taicang cable factory, perforation equipment Xi'an base, reducer and pumping unit coating production line and vacuum heating furnace production line. They take new industrial projects with great market potential and good development prospects as a breakthrough, and actively cultivate new increments for sustainable development of enterprises. At present, Taicang cable factory has become the production supporting base of electric pump with the largest production capacity, the most complete production line and the most advanced management in China. Xi'an base of perforating charges has become the "bridgehead" for enterprises to expand the western market and even Central Asia. The coating production line of reducer and pumping unit can realize pilot production at the end of this year, and will become the largest production base of pumping unit and reducer in China

strengthen internal management and improve enterprise operation ability. Insist on strengthening management as an important way to improve development ability. In terms of production management, the order based production management method has been implemented to improve the order fulfillment rate. At present, all the main products of the group have been delivered on schedule. They made full use of the internal resources of the enterprise, and the self-made rate of products was significantly improved. Pay close attention to quality and process management, continue to improve product quality, invite the majority of oilfield users in, listen to users' opinions and suggestions, and carry out a large discussion activity of "grasping style, improving quality, strengthening management, and ensuring quality", self-examination, self-examination, sorting out and summarizing 66 problems and 13 suggestions, which have been rectified and completed, effectively promoting the improvement of product quality

Daqing oilfield equipment manufacturing industry adheres to the principle of "independent innovation, quality-oriented, benefit first, and structural optimization", and will realize the transformation from traditional professional management to comprehensive innovative group management, from serving the century old oilfield and expanding the external market, especially the overseas market, from single product manufacturing to diversified industrialization, which is called "made in Daqing" brand, Make positive contributions to the establishment of a century old oilfield. (

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