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Petrochemical Machinery successfully developed the natural gas compressor for underground gas storage

at the end of April, the localization development project of 4rdsa-2/1500 natural gas compressor for underground gas storage undertaken by the compressor branch of Sinopec Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. passed the achievement appraisal of the group company

at the end of April, the localization development project of 4rdsa-2/1500 natural gas compressor for underground gas storage undertaken by Sinopec Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. compressor branch passed the achievement appraisal of the group company

this indicates that the company has successfully developed natural gas compressors for underground gas storage. Through the project development, the petrochemical machinery compressor branch has broken the technical barriers of similar foreign products and mastered a number of Compressor R & D and manufacturing technologies with independent intellectual property rights and reaching the same international level, which will promote the localization of 25MPa high-pressure gas storage compressors and provide large-scale key pressurized localization equipment guarantee for the construction of gas storage projects in China

underground gas storage has the functions of natural gas peak shaving and storage, and has become an important part of natural gas utilization and supply. At present, domestic large-scale layout and construction have just begun. The compressor for underground gas storage is the key equipment for the construction of underground gas storage. At present, it depends on foreign imports, with long procurement cycle and high operation and maintenance costs. The design and manufacturing technology is restricted by foreign enterprises, which puts forward topics and challenges for the technical research and development and production manufacturing of domestic natural gas compressors

based on an underground gas storage project in North China, petrochemical machinery compressor Branch officially undertook the development task of 4rdsa-2/1500 natural gas compressor for domestic underground gas storage of major equipment of the group company in March 2011, completed the development and test in August 2012, and began to put into trial operation on the site of underground gas storage. As of April 10, 2016, the compressor unit has operated safely and stably for more than 7000 hours, with a cumulative gas storage of about 210 million cubic meters. The main technology of the unit is that more and more existing bridges need modern renewal solutions. The technical indicators meet or exceed the design requirements, the main performance parameters are at the same level as the imported units, and the vibration, noise and operating energy efficiency are better than the imported units

at the appraisal meeting, the experts of the project appraisal committee carefully reviewed and fully demonstrated the project results, and unanimously agreed that through the appraisal, it was confirmed that the project had completed the contents and requirements specified in the technical development entrustment contract. The appraisal technical data and fund use report were complete and reliable, meeting the appraisal and archive management requirements. 4rdsa-2/1500 natural gas compressor was industrialized in the field of underground gas storage, The operation results of three injection production cycles show that the equipment has stable operation, high energy efficiency, the performance and quality of the unit meet the process requirements, and some indicators are better than similar foreign units, which has a good prospect of economic and social benefits

the appraisal committee and the project leading group suggest that the group company further strengthen the promotion and application of localized gas storage compressor units, and the petrochemical machinery compressor branch speed up the development of higher pressure gas storage compressors, and strive to build an international advanced compressor manufacturing enterprise and establish a national brand with the development direction of "standardized design, modular construction, standardized procurement, information improvement and high-quality manufacturing"

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