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According to industry insiders, on January 13, a large state-owned petrochemical enterprise in Jiangsu had a large inventory of styrene products. Each vehicle produced by OEMs will be reduced by about 200 kg to meet the corresponding demand. The products were sealed up by Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department in the Matou reservoir area of Litian petrochemical, with a total of 11837.759 tons of styrene products

simply speaking, it is to use gear transmission at all levels to achieve the purpose of speed reduction In early June this year, a major breakthrough was finally made in the research and development project of copper alloy new materials with high thermal conductivity. The speeder is composed of gear pairs at all levels For example, using small teeth to simulate the product, the transportation test wheel can drive the big gear to achieve the purpose of a certain deceleration, and then adopting a multi-level structure can greatly reduce the speed Solution: Recently, the international crude oil price has fallen again and again, involving a huge decline in the styrene market. The large state-owned petrochemical enterprise was overstocked in styrene inventory, resulting in warehouse explosion. Then the contract cannot be completed on schedule, resulting in the essence of breach of contract. The inventory was reported to be sealed up

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