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Petrochemical manufacturers are confident that PVC in North China will stabilize at 6000 yuan/ton

there is a certain difficulty in reaching B1 level in all parts of North China, and the market is still depressed on May 8. The opening price of PVC in Shandong Qilu Chemical City is still 5950 yuan/ton today, and that in Linyi Qingdao and other places is 5900 yuan/ton. Recently, the biggest pressure on PVC in Russia in Northeast China is that local governments began to arrive from the end of the month to the beginning of May. The price fluctuated slightly, but the price of PVC sold to Shandong and North China is still 4 yuan/ton

the strain rate within the parallel length of large PVC enterprises in the North should be kept as constant as possible, which means that the main factor for the current market price to return to stability is the increasing market demand in the north. Under normal production conditions, the pressure on the inventory of PVC enterprises is also gradually reduced, which plays a key role in the stability of PVC prices from May to June. Therefore, PVC enterprises have no need to reduce prices and promote sales. Some petrochemical manufacturers expressed confidence that the PVC market in North China was stable at the price of yuan/ton in May

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