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Cooling towers are used skillfully in the data center

nowadays, due to the increasing number and smaller volume of servers, the data center generates more and more heat accordingly. This situation seriously restricts the traditional cooling methods. In view of energy consumption and energy cost, relevant scientists are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption while protecting the environment. One way is to use a cooling tower

cooling tower is a kind of tower equipment, whose main function is to cool the data center and discharge the waste heat into the atmosphere. The cooling tower uses cooling water or just air to consume the heat discarded by the data center. The cooling tower has various sizes. The simple cooling tower is as high as the roof. The huge cooling tower covers an area of 100 meters in diameter. The size of the cooling tower installed in the data center mainly depends on the total amount of heat to be removed and other related factors

working principle of cooling tower: cooling tower is a kind of equipment that uses the contact between water and air to dissipate the waste heat generated in equipment or refrigeration and air conditioning through evaporation. The basic principle is as follows: after the dry air is pumped by the fan, it enters the cooling tower from the air inlet; The high-temperature water molecules with high partial pressure of saturated steam flow to the air with low pressure, and the hot and humid water is sprayed into the tower by the self seeding system. When water and air contact, on the one hand, because the air does not transfer heat directly, on the other hand, because of the pressure difference between the steam surface and the air, evaporation occurs under the pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling

working process of the cooling tower: Taking the working process of the closed cooling tower as an example, the hot water main machine room circulates the water pressure to the water sowing system of the cooling tower through the pipes, horizontal throats and central throats with a certain pressure through the water pump, and evenly sprinkles the water on the filler through the small holes on the water sowing pipe; The dry low humidity air enters the tower from the bottom under the action of the fan. When the hot water flows through the surface of the filler, a water film is formed to exchange heat with the air. The hot air with high humidity and high humidity is extracted from the top. The air entering the tower is the pollution caused by the process of the dry low humidity spherical plastic granulator and is often the important source of environmental pollution in China, The concentration difference and kinetic energy pressure difference of water molecules obviously exist between water and air. When the fan is running, under the effect of static pressure in the tower, water molecules continue to evaporate into the air and become water vapor molecules, and the average kinetic energy of the remaining water molecules will be reduced, thus reducing the temperature of the implementation scheme for cleaner production technology in rare earth industry (Exposure Draft) organized by the Ministry of circulating water industry and information technology. It is irrelevant that the evaporation temperature is lower or higher than the water temperature. As long as the water molecules can continuously evaporate into the air, the water temperature will decrease. However, the evaporation of water into the air will not go on endlessly according to Mr. chenyangfeng, product manager of Jishi, Taizhou Jigu Rubber Co., Ltd. When the air in contact with water is unsaturated, the water molecules continuously evaporate into the air, but when the air on the water air contact surface reaches saturation, the water molecules cannot evaporate, but are in a dynamic equilibrium state. The number of water molecules evaporated is equal to the number of water molecules returned from the air to the water, and the water temperature remains unchanged. It can be seen from this that the drier the air in contact with water, the easier evaporation will be and the easier the water temperature will be reduced

the application of cooling towers in data centers has been paid attention to. Intel recently introduced its successful use of cooling towers in two high-density data centers, reducing the power consumption of cooling equipment by using moisture energy-saving equipment. This method can save us $144000 per year, making the vehicle out of balance. This is a big savings by any standard

the total amount of evaporative condenser increases with the decrease of humidity, and the temperature of remaining water also decreases. In other words, the lower the humidity, the better the cooling effect of the cooling tower. Ordinary cooling towers come in various shapes and sizes. According to the workload demand and installation position, some cooling towers are shaped like an inverted funnel, and some cooling towers are like a small box

therefore, we see that the cooling tower is an excellent way to use natural free air to provide cooling in industrial institutions and data centers. In the long run, this method actually saves energy. It is expected that the application of cooling towers will be increased in the future, so that more valuable energy can be saved while bringing benefits to enterprises. However, any single strategy will have its own limitations. Therefore, in order to achieve the maximum energy-saving efficiency of the data center, it is necessary to adopt a comprehensive approach. CIOs need to intelligently combine all the current energy consumption reduction methods in the industry to find new ways to reduce energy consumption. (end)

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