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at present, paperless office has been paid more and more attention by all levels of the country. Paperless conference system is an important supporting link of paperless office. Paperless conference system uses modern communication technology, audio technology, video technology and software technology to realize paperless conference through electronic exchange of documents. It is characterized by networked file transmission, electronic file display, intelligent file and controllable file input and output. A basic feature of the paperless conference system is that the conference room is equipped with a large screen for public video display and a seat display for each seat to control and use independently. When selecting seat display or asynchronous display, the participants operate the intelligent terminal by themselves. At this time, the intelligent terminal is like a standard computer for independent use, Each participant can independently switch between synchronous display or asynchronous display of common signals

a leading manufacturer of paperless conference system adopts a paperless touch multimedia conference auxiliary display system with Pico itx motherboard as the core, which has a significant leading role in the overall and long-term development of China's economy and society. With ARM9 architecture, it can play 1080p high-definition videos, pictures, as well as the "13th five year plan" of commonly used conference and new office materials, and gradually unveil public documents. 1. Logo detection can meet the needs of 7x24 hours of continuous operation under the environment of 0 to 60 degrees. With the intelligent conference display system, it can read conference documents in real time, watch high-definition streaming media videos, query notifications, and vote, making the conference more efficient, Save paper and manpower, and truly realize environmental protection, energy conservation, paperless and efficient interactive electronic conference. The reason why customers choose the vab-600 embedded motherboard is that the vab-600 is a 10cmx7.2cm ultra small board with ARM9 architecture, supports 1080p video playback, has rich interfaces, and meets the requirements of paperless conference system display terminal hardware with low power consumption and high stability. In addition, the powerful software development team of Weisheng embedded can provide support for Android bsp development kit and middleware to facilitate customers' software integration, Customers only need to pay attention to the development of application software

via vab-600 is based on the ultra small Pico itx motherboard, and the size is only 10 cm x 7.2 cm, Carrying 800, he said: "The data in material research poses a very specific challenge to computer algorithms. The MHz arm based cortex-a9 processor supports wide temperature operation from 0 C to 60 C with ultra-low power consumption. The 3G connection module can be selected to create innovative applications on vehicles and various mobile and medical applications.

the via vab-600 Pico itx motherboard has rich and excellent multimedia performance, built-in multi-standard decoder, and supports the playback of various video formats at 1080p resolution Put. With the hardware design technology of via, via vab-600 has various on-board pin arrangement, optional 3G and WiFi connections (via vnt9271b6050 WiFi module), supports touch screen, optional battery or 12v~24v DC power supply. Subminiature design makes it an ideal choice for various mobile and vehicle applications

via vab-600 provides rich rear board i/o in a compact board, including 1 Mini HDMI interface, 2 Mini USB 2.0 interfaces, 1 10/100 Ethernet interface and 1 12v~24v DC power interface. Customers can make use of the industry-leading software and hardware of via to create customized design and speed up the time to market. Via vab-600 can also provide onboard support package (BSP) for Android and embedded Linux systems (kernel 3.0.8)

onboard includes 4GB EMMC flash memory, 1GB DDR3 SDRAM memory, 1 Dvo connector supporting TTL or LVDS display, 2 COM interfaces, 1 SPI (serial peripheral interface), 1 USB 2.0 interface, 1 mini card slot (supporting USB 2.0 connector for optional 3G module), 1 SIM card slot (optional), and touch screen support. The front row pin includes audio input/output and microphone interface, I2C serial bus and GPIO interface, and 1 intelligent battery charger (optional)

about Vespa vab-600:

key features:

1) 10cm x 7.2cm ultra small Pico itx motherboard

2) equipped with 800MHz cortex-a9 system chip

3) supporting 4GB EMMC flash memory

4) integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) supporting 2d/3d graphics acceleration

5) having perfect 1080p HD video performance

6) supporting 3 USB 2.0 interfaces

7) Mini HDMI interface Onboard Dvo (digital video output) supports TTL or LVDS display

8) onboard 1GB DDR3 SDRAM memory

9) supports 3G and WiFi connection (optional)

10) supports touch screen

11) intelligent battery charger (optional)

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