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Eaton electric power brand integration analysis

Eaton Electric said at the beginning of 2009 that it would restructure its business and form two business groups, electrical and industrial, each of which would be headed by a vice chairman and chief operating officer. The restructuring has been officially effective since February 1st, 2009. Among them, the electrical business group includes the electrical business in the Americas and the electrical business in other regions; Industrial business group includes hydraulic business, aerospace business and truck parts business. Detection and control are two different concepts and automotive components business

almost at the same time, on February 20, 2009, the agent conference of Eaton electric energy management business department with the theme of "power empowering the world to win the world hand in hand" was held in Zhuhai. This is the first agent plenary meeting of Eaton's three UPS product series Santak, Powerware and pulsar after the acquisition of freighter. Channel partners from inland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries and regions and a number of media participated in the conference. At this stage, Eaton power management business department will take "one Eaton, two brands and three sales teams" as the sales principle and "customer-centric, win-win with partners" as the action concept, strengthen technology promotion and business promotion, strengthen various training exchanges between partners, and further expand markets and channels. This agent conference shows Eaton's further in-depth integration after the acquisition of three power supply enterprises

brand integration

the future brand planning pattern of Eaton electric North Asia will be under the large organizational framework of Eaton, and the market strategies of the two UPS brands will be parallel. At that time, pulsar and Powerware under Eaton Electric will appear in the form of product series names, and its unified brand will be "Eaton", mainly serving high-end markets and industry customers. "Santak" continues its current market demand and brand appeal, focuses on the mass market, and maintains its absolute advantage in the medium and low-end markets. This brand integration will eventually form a new market pattern of complementary combination and full power segment coverage

Eaton group's acquisition of Santak coincided with the eve of the global financial crisis, and the global economy was affected to a certain extent. However, the Chinese market became the focus of attention in the UPS market in 2008. Although the growth rate decreased, it still maintained a rapid growth momentum and relatively good development potential. Servo electromechanical inversion removes this experimental force, and the Chinese market accounts for the vast majority of the business of Feirui. It can be said that Eaton's acquisition of Feirui is precisely focused on the leadership of Santak brand in the Chinese small machine market and the OEM business with a huge share. In addition, Eaton promised investors to increase its market share by 4% within three years after the acquisition of freighter. If the Santak brand is changed, it will inevitably cause the loss of original customers. Thus, it is reasonable to keep the Santak brand unchanged

product integration

in terms of products, there will be no major problems in the integration of Powerware and pular series and Santak. Their products are highly complementary. Powerware series products are mainly concentrated in high-power UPS above 40KVA, while Santak is mainly focused on UPS small computer products below 20KVA. Therefore, this integration can better improve the product line distribution of Eaton electric in China, further control costs and improve the localization process. The series products of the three product lines will try to avoid repeated coverage according to their own characteristics and application positioning, and gradually complete the replacement of old and new product lines and promote the localization of related products, and strengthen product training and pre-sales support

for product integration, the focus of Eaton Electric's work in 2009 will be to speed up the localized production, research and development, and after-sales support of products, so that customers can more easily identify and choose the products they need, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, because the steel mills are buying goods with the mentality of buying up rather than buying down. In 2009, the focus of Powerware product line will shift from 9315 to 9395. Eaton will realize the localized production of powerware9390 from 2009 to 2010. The product assembly of powerware9395 is also expected to be introduced into China. Santer's castle series will also be replaced by the upcoming dream castle. At the same time, localization is not only a problem of cost reduction, but also conducive to the strengthening of technical support. The in-depth integration of Eaton Electric will improve the service ability and customer satisfaction of Eaton's high-power UPS products in terms of service and marketing. The advantage of localization is also reflected in the optimization of service costs. High end products can better support sales and make better use of local resources to meet local needs with the help of the resource advantage of localization of low-end products

channel integration

how Eaton electric establishes a public platform to exchange resources, so as to reduce the sales overlap of channels and enhance the stability of 150 core channels is the top priority of channel construction in 2009. The establishment of a unified call center, customer service labeling and logistics platform will lay a solid foundation for Eaton to deepen understanding, enhance understanding, and strengthen communication and cooperation with customers and partners. At the same time, Eaton will strengthen training and publicity in the three product line channels at the same time, and technicians will go deep into the sales line to help channel partners sell products. Hold various forms of training sessions, seminars, and various tour exhibitions in due time, invite partners and customers to participate together, and give more 6 while letting partners know Eaton When turning off, you should adjust the brightness to the minimum support and confidence

in addition, after Eaton integrates the three brands, the sales of Powerware, pulsar and Santak are relatively independent. For some common business opportunities during this period, Eaton has established a keyaccounts department to be responsible for the selection and centralized purchase of head office (Department) level. The Department will uniformly use Eaton brand to ensure the sharing of customers among the three parties and promote the sales of the three series of products. In addition, globalaccounts is also the new Department of Eaton, which will be responsible for the strategic planning of cooperation with global customers such as HP and IBM

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