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Brand effect of three bases XCMG tower crane stands tall in the world

brand effect of three bases XCMG tower crane stands tall in the world

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open the thick history of XCMG heavy-duty factory, and a strong historical flavor comes. The yellowing ink paper records the growth and development of this enterprise. Among them, a black-and-white photo deeply attracted people's attention. In the photo, a tower crane stood in a low tile roofed house. The remark was: a 15 ton tower crane made in the 1950s. After seeing the photos, a technician told happily, "this tower is really beautiful. The heavy-duty tower crane more than 50 years ago has produced the most advanced tower crane in China at that time."

it seems like a new world. XCMG's 1600 ton meter domestic largest boom tower crane and the first construction elevator have also been successfully sold. The product type spectrum is richer, the product structure is more reasonable, and the product industry attribute and market matching degree are higher

in order to further realize the key layout of the industrial strategy, according to the strategic objectives of the 12th Five Year Plan, combined with the production capacity and product radiation radius of the enterprise, XCMG tower crane has conquered the city and occupied the land, based on Xuzhou, integrated regional advantages, distributed across the country, vigorously promoted the synchronization of the headquarters, Chongqing and northeast bases, especially the construction of some technological enterprises, rapidly expanded production capacity, and laid the foundation for the new pattern market of XCMG tower crane

build a first-class manufacturing base and climb to the top of the industry

the spacious channels and brand-new equipment complement each other. In 11 production lines with a length of more than 200 meters, pieces of materials are transmitted from the air conveyor chain, and the technical workers are manufacturing, spraying and assembling the standard sections, jibs and other components in an orderly and skilled manner. Some of them are holding welding guns, some are hoisting and shipping, some are operating intelligent machine tools, and some are checking and measuring, forming the most vivid picture in this modern workshop

for example, after nearly a year of construction and construction of dynamic experimental curves and digital display functions, a new tower crane manufacturing base (Xuzhou) with the production mode of unitization of process layout, linearization of production process of core parts, automation of welding of key structural parts, and informatization of process control has been initially completed and put into use

in terms of process level, production capacity, energy conservation and environmental protection, the new base of XCMG tower crane can help brands protect frozen or dry food, meat and cheese products from production to consumption. At the front of the industry, it will introduce world-class CNC machining centers, large welding machines, large H-beam automatic welding lines, advanced automatic coating lines and other high-end equipment, and adopt the industry's first automatic main chord welding production line, The main body of the standard section pioneered the application of degreasing and phosphating pretreatment technology and electrostatic powder spraying technology. The whole process automatic conveying system of the air accumulation conveying chain fully meets the coating production of tower crane parts, and realizes the logistics automation and integration between the structure coating assembly process units

gather XCMG's brand effect and spread across the country.

standing on the shoulders of XCMG giants, XCMG tower crane has ushered in the spring of development. XCMG's industrial accumulation of nearly 70 years has provided strong resource support for XCMG tower crane's leapfrog development in terms of product technology, market channels, management experience, talent advantages, etc

in February this year, the Northeast phase II overall plant was officially put into use. With the adjustment of process layout, the production capacity was increased from dozens to more than 100 units per month, which greatly shortened the product production cycle, reduced the work intensity of employees, maximized the release of plant working space, and initially realized modular management of production

May 1) the project is all projects except 5.8 and 5.12. Chongqing base is put into operation. Combined with the regionalization characteristics of tower crane, it introduces world-class production equipment for welding, coating and assembly of tower crane structural parts, completes the configuration of plant, equipment and auxiliary facilities, improves the production, management and information system, and can realize the production supporting capacity of thousands of mature products per year. On May 24, the first xgt100a () was delivered, successfully opening up a strategic area with Chongqing as the center and yunguichuan as the main radiation area

the production and operation of the three bases, which are fully echoed by the northeast, southwest and East China markets, will greatly enhance the national market radiation capacity of XCMG tower crane, and have important strategic significance for the overall improvement of XCMG's market competitiveness and brand influence. It will open up a broad platform for XCMG tower crane to integrate advantageous resources of all parties, deepen lean production management, and promote the essential improvement of the management level of the whole value chain. It will drive the adjustment of production structure and industrial transformation and upgrading, form a new driving force for XCMG tower crane transformation and leapfrog development, and become the tower crane industry base with the most industrial chain advantages and the most radiation effect in China

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