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Matrix NB based on 5g network

on July 18, 2019, at the "pilot! 5g broadband double Gigabit" release ceremony of China Mobile Tianjin company, an almost "zero delay" space dialogue opened the "double Gigabit" network era of Tianjin "Gigabit 5g mobile network + gigabit optical broadband network"

on July 18, 2019, at the launch ceremony of "pilot! 5g broadband double Gigabit" of China Mobile Tianjin company, an almost "zero delay" dialogue across the space opened the "double Gigabit" network era of "Gigabit 5g mobile network + gigabit optical broadband network" in Tianjin

4k, HD, zero delay, multi angle, matrix NB IOT smart water meter based on 5g network, China Mobile Tianjin and Tianjin Yumin gas meter signed a strategic cooperation agreement? There's a story

after a detailed investigation, it turned out that it was China Mobile Tianjin Company and the smart city center of China Singapore Tianjin eco city that jointly released the deployment of mobile 5g network in Tianjin, and achieved landing application results in smart water meters

dual Gigabit refers to 5g mobile network Gigabit and optical broadband network Gigabit. With the "complementary integration" of 5g network and Gigabit broadband, a gigabit network with free switching, seamless connection, high-speed use and extensive stability has been formed, which has opened a new era of "fixed mobile at the same speed and seamless communication", and will boost the digital innovation in the "four major fields" of family, industry, government and enterprise, and city

with the strong support of Tianjin, Tianjin Mobile has built and opened more than 500 5g base stations throughout the city. 5g network has covered the central urban area of Tianjin, the main urban area of Binhai New Area, Zhongxin ecological city, Tianjin port, Xiqing University Town, Haihe Education Park and other key areas. In 2019, Tianjin Mobile will invest more than 1billion yuan to build large-scale infrastructure and promote the full coverage of 5g networks in 4500 communities and 4.6 million households in Tianjin

according to Sun Yang, general manager of the Technology Department of Tianjin saien Energy Technology Co., Ltd., "with the advantages of 'double Gigabit' network, high transmission and large bandwidth, the company has developed intelligent water meters, which will be integrated with other cloud data to jointly serve people's livelihood, energy conservation and emission reduction and other fields. At present, more than 40 have been installed. When the sample height is relatively increased, more than 00 have been installed."

at present, matrix NB IOT intelligent water meters based on 5g networks have been applied in the replacement of fenghuangcheng community, Hexi District, Tianjin. It is reported that this will realize the cloud monitoring of water use data, and at the same time, people's livelihood services such as purchase and repair can be completed through the app with just a fingertip "touch"

in addition, it is also noted that at the launch ceremony, China Mobile Tianjin also signed strategic cooperation agreements with six enterprises including Tianjin Yumin gas meters. Can you imagine that the matrix NB IOT smart gas meter based on 5g network is also planned

Tianjin and the story of the meter industry

in the work report of the Tianjin municipal government on January 14, 2019, Tianjin stated that it would take two years to update the 3.75 million plate corundum business department director of the functional material factory of Chalco Shandong Co., Ltd. for free: household intelligent water meters, and accelerate the construction of smart water

in September 2017, Tianjin Jinran announced that from October 2017, Nb IOT gas meters will be tested in some communities within the jurisdiction of Tianjin Jinran public company, and then nearly 4million residents in Tianjin will be replaced with Nb IOT smart gas meters

recently, fenghuangcheng community, Hexi District, Tianjin was equipped with a matrix NB IOT intelligent water meter based on 5g network

it's not just the gas meter itself. Recently, it was learned that Tianjin fuel China Resources gas had an exchange with a number of domestic gas manufacturers on "how to build an IOT smart collection platform". Gold card and silver card software stood out among many manufacturers, won the trust and recognition of customers, and formally worked together to build an IOT smart collection platform for Tianjin fuel China Resources, Many enterprises have not been able to skillfully apply the impact testing machine to digitalize and lean after purchasing it

iot smart collection platform

with the rapid development of urban gas enterprises, building IOT smart collection platform is not only the requirement of modern management and service of gas enterprises, but also the requirement of increasingly diversified user needs

since its establishment, Jinran China Resources Gas Co., Ltd. has continuously promoted the construction of information technology. With the growth of enterprise business volume, the independent management mode of IOT back-end system of different meter factories has gradually revealed many difficulties, such as difficult operation, management, operation and maintenance, statistics and so on. In response to the increasing diversification of market and user needs, enterprises have put forward more refined requirements in data collection, measurement monitoring, remote regulation, price management and so on

based on the above background, Tianjin fuel China Resources gas has communicated with a number of domestic gas manufacturers. The gold card and silver card software has stood out among many manufacturers, won the trust and recognition of customers, and formally worked together to build a Tianjin fuel China Resources IOT intelligent acquisition platform, making the enterprise more digital and lean with poor crack resistance

based on the business characteristics of Tianjin fuel China Resources gas users, the project team has successively completed the work of system development, system deployment, system testing, etc., and successfully completed the migration of IOT meters to the new platform. Through the establishment of IOT intelligent acquisition platform, the unified management of various meter types, the unified integration and access of multiple meter factory agreements, and the unified integration of multiple platform data of Tianjin fuel China Resources gas have been realized, which has reduced the management and operation costs of gas companies and further improved the management efficiency

not only that, the system also provides more value-added application and management functions, covering equipment management, file management, meter monitoring, consumption monitoring, charge management, statistical reports and other modules, which meet the needs of enterprises for centralized meter reading and unified charge management. The statistical report module provides accurate operation data for enterprises and provides basis and support for managers to make decisions. At the same time, in terms of price management, the system newly supports the calculation of step gas price in an unnatural annual cycle, and supports the expansion of step gas price by population, which is more suitable for customers' business scenarios, and effectively ensures the accuracy of user price management

in the next few years, the number of meters on the IOT collection platform of Tianjin fuel and China Resources gas will exceed one million, and the intelligent management of IOT will be deeply integrated with the reform of enterprise informatization

(original title: 5g matrix NB IOT smart meter landing, IOT smart acquisition platform to help upgrade gas services)

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