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According to Malaysian media reports, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, which account for 70% of the global supply of natural rubber, recently agreed to take concerted action to maintain the price of natural rubber at more than $3 per kilogram

Ponsa, President of the Thai Rubber Association, told the media that the Three Kingdoms association had agreed that after a substantial decline in prices, it would not sell natural rubber at a price below the lower limit (US $3 per kilogram)

the rubber price on the Tokyo Mercantile Exchange has fallen by 16% this month, which is due to the use of European sovereign bonds, the threat of business crisis on the use of electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, and the worst flood in Thailand in 70 years, which has restrained automobile output, thereby reducing the demand for tires

representatives from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia will meet in the near future to discuss ways to curb the continued decline of prices. The agency of the Ministry of agriculture of Thailand said that the representatives of the three countries may propose to reduce production and restrict exports, aiming to raise the price of exports to $3.50 per kilogram. They will recommend cutting down old trees, replanting more new trees and stacking production capacity into warehouses

the Deputy Minister of agriculture of Thailand, our first consideration is the quality and safety of products. Pensa recently issued a statement saying that the demand for natural rubber is still strong, and there is not much change in output, said iz Harding. The price decline is due to the European debt crisis and whether the rotation of the Thai roller is normal (according to the arrow on the barrel, the national flood temporarily affected the automobile output.

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