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Mavenir launched cloud native RCS solution

mavenir, the industry's only provider of end-to-end, cloud native Networking software for communication service providers, announced that the company has successfully deployed its next-generation voice and messaging solution, which will become part of Rakuten mobile communication application Rakuten link

rakut makes it more secure. En link is a communication platform based on GSMA RCS (rich communication service) standard. Unlike other Ott messaging applications that are limited to communication between application users, Rakuten link enables users to dial domestic and international to other Hegu. In addition to supporting basic communication functions such as group chat, sending and receiving photos, videos and files, it can also send and receive text messages in Japan and overseas. When connecting Wi Fi or cellular network, all these communication methods can be realized

this deployment includes mavenir's 5g platform, which allows voice and messaging to generate revenue for two domestic and international roaming with low-cost V-shaped U-shaped gap, integrates Rakuten ID single sign on, is completely cloud based, and deploys a complete network function Virtualization (nfv) function on Rakuten mobile platform. The platform can also be used for advanced services such as video calls, voice and video conferencing, as well as a variety of devices, including desktop applications

tareq Amin, deputy director of Rakuten mobile and executive director of nylon materials, said that Rakuten Mobile's unique cloud based network architecture is conducive to the flexible deployment of Rakuten link and other new services. Working with mavenir to deploy next-generation voice and messaging services is a major milestone. Promoting such disruptive innovations in the telecommunications sector will enable us to provide flexible, stable and competitive services to Japanese users in Organizational Engineering

mavenir president and CEO Pardeep Kohli said: as a leading network software provider, our cloud based virtualization RCS solution enables us to help Rakuten mobile quickly and easily provide voice and messaging infrastructure, which will be launched as part of its network this year. Mavenir's fully virtualized RCS application server and application client will enable Rakuten mobile to quickly launch new innovative services for enterprises and users

by utilizing mavenir's RCS solution, Rakuten mobile can provide its users with the next generation of rich message services according to the evolving GSMA generic profile (up) RCS standard. The service includes sending messages to RCS supporting clients based on sessions; Enable users to carry out instant messaging (IM), group chat and file sharing; And support multi device solutions based on RCS standards that support voice and video QoS

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