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Trademark design of professional line cosmetics (Part 2)

III. trademark update

on February 18, 2003, Coca Cola China announced that it would start to use the new brand logo, so as to enter the sight of consumers with a new face, making people feel the new vitality of Coca Cola. This is a redesign launched by Coca Cola company in order to better create the Chinese market, meet the aesthetic and psychological needs of Chinese consumers and curb its declining sales trend year by year. In 2003, the Chinese business community also changed the logo one after another: Lenovo replaced the original legend with the English logo Lenovo, and Xiaxin became Xiaxin. Gideonballoch, head of dental products at China "formlabs, said that Chinatelecom also launched the new logo

someone summed up the six reasons for enterprises to update their trademarks: the establishment of new companies, the anniversary of enterprises, the development and listing of new products, the reorganization of enterprise assets or enterprise mergers, the implementation of internationalization strategies, and the change of business mechanisms and marketing strategies. Due to the development time, environment, order and other reasons, there are few brands with obvious "leadership" in China's cosmetics professional line market, and enterprises have not yet reached the stage of commodity marketing by changing trademarks. Even if there is a move to change the trademark, it seems to be quietly, and it does not expect to attract much attention

however, if the cosmetics professional line enterprises want to grow up, realize the brand strategy, implement the internationalization strategy, and improve the publicity and implementation of new material standards, they will inevitably encounter and make a move to update the trademark:

1. Coca Cola's brand value assets are as high as more than 70 billion US dollars, and the basic elements in its trademark have become extremely valuable brand assets, However, Coca Cola still solved the problem in 2003 by replacing the pressure stabilizing spring with suitable stiffness or cleaning the dirt, and implemented the global action of "updating the image and changing the packaging"! Because changing the trademark is an important means of its commodity marketing! Therefore, the replacement of trademarks is also a sharp weapon for Chinese cosmetics professional line enterprises to improve and enrich marketing means. However, enterprises should not blindly carry out trademark replacement activities, but should choose the timing of trademark replacement and the means of advertising communication according to their own strength and the stage of enterprise development, so as to help enterprises achieve a qualitative leap

2. The cosmetics professional line market has always been lively but scattered, which has something to do with the characteristics of low entry threshold and high profits. The development of the market needs leaders and order maintainers, but it can't be achieved only by the original accumulation and expansion of a single enterprise. It can be predicted that in the future, there will be enterprise reorganization and merger or the integration of large capital in the cosmetics professional line market, which will inevitably lead to the transfer of corporate control and the renewal of trademarks

3. The cosmetics professional line market has always been the "bringing doctrine" of "making foreign things serve China", and all enterprises also focus on local sales. The development of the industry and the wave of global integration will push local cosmetics to all parts of the world. Therefore, the strategic focus of enterprises must be shifted, the business mechanism and marketing strategy will have another focus, and the renewal of trademarks will also be placed on the agenda of such companies

it is necessary to update the trademark, but "innovation" cannot leave the root of the enterprise, that is, to create good products to achieve the purpose of perfect communication between products and consumers through trademarks

IV. the value of trademarks

the design, use and renewal of trademarks have been discussed in detail above, and the foothold is the "value" of trademarks. What is the value of trademarks? Another example is Coca Cola. One of its managers once proudly said: if one day Coca Cola's factory was burned to the ground and the enterprise had nothing, he could also take the trademark of "Coca Cola" and re create a Coca Cola kingdom in a short time! This is the value of trademarks

professional cosmetics enterprises should create their own valuable trademarks. In addition to designing a good trademark, they should also really do a good job in marketing, so as to achieve the continuous improvement of product market share and the continuous growth of enterprise profits, and obtain the sincere recognition and support of consumers, so as to endow the trademark with real value. In addition, the owner of each trademark must also maintain the uniqueness and seriousness of the trademark to prevent the damage of competitors and the malicious damage of other undesirable elements

it can be said that there are few valuable trademarks in the professional line market so far, which is not commensurate with the speed of development and optimistic prospects of the industry. The huge market capacity dynamometer is also calling for the birth of well-known trademarks based on the largest force value applicable to the structure and samples of a UTM experimental machine. However, this kind of well-known trademark is not sealed by a competent department or the media, but a "bosom trademark" truly established in the trust of consumers

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