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Mateno changed its name, and the business of digital technology turned to big data and artificial intelligence

on October 16, digital technology (300038) held a new image press conference in Beijing ﹐ mateno changed its name. At the meeting, digital intelligence technology released many new products covering the four fields of smart marketing, smart city, smart finance and smart medicine

at the press conference, Zhang Zhiyong, founder and chairman of digital technology, said that this conference was the first public appearance of matteno after it changed its name to digital technology. This is not only the press conference of the new brand, but also the exhibition of the new image. In addition to brand new, there are three new -- new strategies, new products and new teams

for the launch of new brands, he said that the main consideration was that the company's main business had gradually shifted from communication infrastructure to services driven by big data and artificial intelligence. The brand of digital intelligence better reflects this transformation. This renaming is also a strategic upgrade of the overall layout of the market and the brand of digital intelligence to create higher added value. The original brand will continue to serve the field of communication infrastructure business

as a company driven by big data and artificial intelligence, digivoice technology explores: data is knowledge, knowledge is value, and value is wealth

it is reported that the understanding and exploration of digital technology on big data and artificial intelligence have been transformed and output. From smart marketing, smart city, smart finance, to smart medicine and other fields, show the understanding of digital technology on big data and artificial intelligence. And through new technology to empower, change the industry, change life. Digital intelligence technology has gathered industry leaders and top technical talents to continuously carry out the practice and application of big data and artificial intelligence technology, and cooperate in many aspects, such as the construction of data ecosystem, the construction of technology platform, the application of artificial intelligence in the vertical field, etc. under the leadership of the new leadership team by pressing the "clear" key, digital intelligence technology began to compete for the golden age of artificial intelligence

Zhang Xiaodong, Chief Strategic Officer of the company, introduced the capabilities and advantages of digital technology in the field of big data and artificial intelligence. Digital technology has accumulated a large amount of data, and used its technical advantages in natural language understanding, knowledge atlas, machine learning, big data and other fields to build an industry-leading artificial intelligence service for the preparation of aluminum based lead alloy composites by extrusion and drawing composite technology. Digital technology has made leading achievements in the vertical fields of smart marketing, smart city, smart finance, smart health care and so on. In the field of big data AI, we will continue to make efforts based on the current situation and provide better knowledge services

Cheng Huayi, President of digital technology big data business group, introduced the application of digital technology in the field of big data and artificial intelligence to the guests in detail. Cheng Huayi said that the goal of digital technology in big data has achieved four modernizations, namely: Data capitalization, algorithm intelligence, application scenarios, and business industrialization. At present, the big data achievements of digital technology have been widely applied to the fields of smart cities, such as smart credit, smart education, smart transportation, smart government, smart environmental protection, etc. Through the one-stop big data +ai platform, we can establish our own development routes in big data management and data modeling due to: 1) and intelligent applications. Use the big data platform to carry out data integration and development, establish thematic data sets, empower each other between businesses, and provide high-quality and efficient services for industry customers

According to Chen Liren, chief scientist of the company, smart finance is the product of the deep integration of new technologies represented by artificial intelligence and financial services. Digital technology has explored and released related products in the field of intelligent investment advisers. Through large-scale data collection and storage, including enterprise annual reports, announcements, macroeconomic reports, monetary policies, current politics, industries and other comprehensive resources, NLP technology is used to process the data text, and then through knowledge map technology, the text is interpreted and understood to establish a general map and professional map. On this basis, reflect the market dynamics. Provide consulting services for financial clients

according to the data, Beijing meitainuo Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. In its early years, it was engaged in the communication infrastructure business, and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem in January 2010. After transformation and development, matteno has fully focused on two emerging industrial fields: information infrastructure + IOT and big data + artificial intelligence. Through independent research and development, investment incubation, platform cooperation, mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad, the industrialization capacity of smart city, IOT and big data has been established, with a market value of more than 10billion yuan. (Zhang Yang)

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