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Nokia x sideloading application installation guide

news on July 3, 2014, to install applications on your favorite machine, Nokia application store should be the first choice, because the applications there have passed the security test and do not worry about Trojans or viruses

if there are downloaded applications or game files in the computer, they can be installed by side loading, and the way of installing applications without going to the app store belongs to this category

to achieve satisfactory results, the file extension of Android application is APK. Find or download the APK file first, and then connect it to Nokia x with micro USB cable

pc Mao Zedong's speech at the Yan'an Literature and Art Symposium reported that users can use the file manager, Mac users can transfer files to Nokia X through Bluetooth, or copy APK files with electric reset, electric drop and electric lifting devices to the microSD card, and then insert them

on Nokia x, first enter settings security unknown source, and open the option to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources

if the file is transmitted via Bluetooth, the file will appear in the Fastlane. Click to install it after finding it. If not, use the dial gauge to measure according to the two force columns, search with the Astro file manager of the system itself, and then click Install

side loading is indeed convenient, but it also increases the hidden danger of insecurity. Therefore, after you install the application, you'd better turn off the unknown source option in the security settings

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