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Interception cone installation instructions HENGJIA technology provides one-stop services for various laboratory precision instruments

interception cone installation instructions HENGJIA technology provides one-stop services for various laboratory precision instruments

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how to prolong the service life of interfaces and cones? HENGJIA technology believes that: ① check whether the sampling cone and intercepting cone are clean and whether there is sample precipitation - usually once a week, which depends on the type of sample and work load. ② The application of instrument manufacturing shrinkage experiment is an experimental method often used to study the properties of materials. The method recommended by the manufacturer is to disassemble and clean the cone, especially at subzero temperature. It usually includes: immersing the cone in a beaker containing dilute acid, or in hot water containing detergent, or in an ultrasonic water bath or acid bath, or wiping it with fine plush cloth or coarse polishing powder. ③ Do not use any wire to poke the taper hole - this will cause permanent damage. HENGJIA technology takes "the sun and the moon rise constantly, good words and good deeds" as its corporate culture, and in line with the corporate goal of "serving the scientific research laboratory", and always adheres to the business philosophy of "efficient, fast, honest with customers; exploration, innovation, and entering the market", so that it enjoys a high degree of integrity and popularity in the industry, and is willing to provide you with high-quality and meticulous services wholeheartedly

composition and working conditions of ICP MS: ICP MS consists of three parts: ICP torch, interface device and mass spectrometer; If it is in good working condition, the working conditions of each part must be set. ICP working conditions: mainly including ICP power, carrier gas, auxiliary gas and cooling gas flow. Sample lifting amount, etc. ICP power is generally about 1kW, cooling gas flow is 15l/min, auxiliary gas 1. Consider from the molecular structure: the toughener structure should have a group flow that can react with the groups contained in PLA, and the carrier gas flow is about 1l/min. Adjusting the carrier gas flow will affect the measurement sensitivity. The sample lifting amount is 1ml/min. HENGJIA technology pointed out that the working conditions of the interface device: covestro produced by ICP will take you to decrypt the industrialization of cutting-edge technology through material technology. In the future, ions will enter the mass spectrometer through the interface device. The main parameters of the interface device are the sampling depth, that is, the distance between the sampling cone hole and the flame torch. The distance and alignment of the two cone holes should be adjusted, and the lens voltage should be adjusted to make the ions have a good focus

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