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Installation method of oil pump and precautions

I. installation method and sequence of oil pump:

1. Place the unit on the foundation with embedded foundation bolts, and use pairs of wedge pads between the base and the foundation for correction

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2. Loosen the coupling shaft, place the level on the pump shaft and the base respectively, adjust the wedge pad, correct the unit level, and properly tighten the anchor bolts to prevent walking

3. Correct the concentricity of pump shaft and motor shaft, and the allowable deviation is 0.1mm on the outer circle of coupling road; The gap between the two coupling planes should be 2 ~ 4mm (the smaller value is taken for the small pump). The gap should be uniform with a tolerance of 0.3mm

4. After connecting the pipeline and determining the rotation direction of the motor, connect the coupling and check the concentricity of the shaft again

5. After the actual test run of the unit for 2 ~ 3 hours until the rest of the unit cannot continue to transfer the load, make the final inspection. If there is no adverse phenomenon, it is considered that the installation is qualified. During the test run, check the temperature and vibration of the bearing as follows:

6. In order to prevent sundries from falling into the machine during installation, all holes of the unit should be covered

7. In order to prevent sundries in the pipeline from entering the pump, a filter should be installed in the pump rubber for the newly installed pipeline, and its effective section should be 2 ~ 3 times larger than that of the suction pipe. Imported pump

II. Precautions in the process of installing the oil pump:

1. The quality of the oil pump installation has a very important impact on the smooth operation and service life of the pump, so as to ensure the measurement results of the experimental machine and the installation and correction work must be carried out carefully, and it is not allowed to act rashly

2. The installation height, length and pipe diameter of the oil pump suction pipe should meet the calculated values, and strive to be brief to reduce unnecessary losses (such as elbows); And ensure that the allowable NPSH is not exceeded when the pump is working

3. After the improvement of the suction and discharge of the oil pump, the odor of the material can be reduced by 0.5 grade, and the outlet pipeline should have a support. The pump is not allowed to bear the load of the pipeline

4. The place where the oil pump is installed should be spacious enough to facilitate maintenance

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