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Installation and performance test of atomic absorption spectrophotometer

(1) the place where the host is installed

① the environment of the laboratory where the atomic absorption spectrophotometer is installed should be far away from violent vibration sources, strong electromagnetic radiation sources and chemical pollution sources; Indoor demand immediately makes up for the pressure; Only charge nitrogen into the accumulator; The temperature is kept at 15 ~ 28 ℃, and the relative humidity is less than 60%; Dust prevention measures shall be taken indoors; An exhaust hood and air outlet shall be installed above the atomizer, and the exhaust air volume shall be moderate, which shall not only remove the exhaust gas but also not affect the stability of the flame

② the test bench should be stable, slightly wider than the main machine, and a drainage pipe through hole should be opened at the appropriate position; Channels should be reserved around the experimental platform for overhaul and maintenance of instruments

③ layout of power supply arrangement and wiring requirements of power supply are scientific and reasonable; Do not share the power supply with the machine that generates strong pulse spikes

④ water and gas sources should be set up at appropriate locations in the laboratory; The gas cylinders of acetylene, liquefied gas, etc. should be set in a special room not far from the laboratory. The gas supply pipeline should be heat proof and leak proof, and the connection method should be easy to disassemble

(2) the hollow cathode lamp should be installed without lighting; Reference for the positioning of the front and rear positions of the lamp: c.832.1nm hollow cathode lamp, its quartz window is about 2cm away from the lens barrel, a.193.7nm hollow cathode lamp, its quartz window touches the lens barrel, and the installation of other element lamps determines its front and rear positions according to the wavelength. The smaller the wavelength value, the more forward

(3) the burner is installed according to the installation drawing of the instruction manual. Insert the burner on the Journal of the fog chamber, and then check its horizontal condition. Use a ruler to measure the height between the two ends of the burner top and the base respectively. The difference between the two heights should not be greater than, otherwise loosen the fixing screw and fix it after readjustment

(4) the atomizer shall be installed according to the assembly drawing of the instrument operation manual. First, insert a polyethylene capillary tube about 200mm long into the metal capillary tube of the atomizer, connect the air pipe in the combustion chamber to the atomizer in sequence, start the air compressor, conduct the test with pure water spray, and strike the ball with the left and right fretting glasses, so that the condensed test pieces of droplet like low carbon steel and cast iron and other metal materials are generally made into cylindrical test pieces in the best state. The atomizer is installed on the interface in front of the premix chamber, and the experiment of simple beam and cantilever beam can be completed and adjusted by retesting

(5) performance test of atomic absorption spectrophotometer

the test content of atomic absorption spectrophotometer mainly refers to the "test specification for atomic absorption spectrophotometer" (jig694 1990) issued by the State Bureau of technical supervision. The test items mainly include wavelength range, error of wavelength indication value, repeatability of wavelength indication value, resolution, stability of baseline, edge energy, detection limit of flame method and graphite furnace method, background correction ability, etc

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