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Installation and replacement of ink cartridge

if there is insufficient ink, the printer's display light will start flashing, indicating that the ink is about to run out. Because the printer detects the ink volume through the sensor, if the ink volume of any color in the ink cartridge is less than the set value of the printer, it will prompt to replace the ink cartridge. In fact, the ink in the ink cartridge is at least 10% of the capacity of the whole ink cartridge. Therefore, as long as you take this ink into the whole structure of this kind of material, you will also take the very soft box out of the ink cartridge rack and put it back immediately, The ink status indicator on the printer will show the full ink status

when replacing the ink cartridge, you must follow the instructions on the manual, and first remove the air hole seal. In order to ensure that the ink will not leak, do not open other seals at will

nozzle protection

many users use the way of filling ink and reusing ink cartridges. Although this saves costs, due to the different raw materials used in different inks, it is likely that large particles will block the nozzle due to the resulting chemical reaction. If the nozzle is blocked, it is best to immediately use the printer or printer driver to constantly talk about the function of cleaning the print head in this fixture, Rinse the previous ink. If the blockage is serious, the user can carefully use clean warm water to soak the nozzle, but never soak the print head and soak the ink cartridge electrode

cartridge storage

1 Unopened ink cartridges

when most ink cartridges are not in use, they are sealed and sealed. The shelf life is generally 1.5 years or even longer. It is best to place them in a normal temperature environment where the sun cannot shine

2. Opened ink cartridges

if there are unused ink cartridges that have been replaced in the process of use, it is best to find a sealed box and put the ink cartridge upright, but it should not be placed for too long, because the observation sample of the molar repair effect of these three materials may cause the evaporation of ink or deterioration due to contact with air, causing nozzle blockage, which also has a certain impact on the print head circuit

finally, I would like to remind you that if you often move the printer, it is best to leave the ink cartridge in the printer and fix it with adhesive tape, and correct it before use to improve the printing accuracy and quality. It is generally best for users to do this after using it for 1 to 2 months

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