Installation and use of the solenoid valve with th

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Installation and use of high current solenoid valve

installation precautions. When the solenoid valve is used in the physical and chemical aging system of pneumatic plastic, it is generally wrapped with raw material tape (i.e. sealing tape) when connected with pneumatic components. It is also wrapped to complete the sealing function. But you experienced friends will definitely encounter such a phenomenon: it is obviously a brand-new component, but it always leaks when trying it. One of the major reasons, and the most common reason, is that when the raw material belt is entangled, which is to unite and lead the whole Party and the people of all ethnic groups around the country, it does not follow the correct method, and some raw material belts go into the gas path. This requires attention to a positive and negative sequence when winding the raw material belt. Please try and experience this by yourself

for electromagnetic valves with large current, they are more for various civil needs. The valve must be equipped with a relay at the front end. Especially for the solenoid valve in the oil pressure system, because of the high current, if the relay is not installed, the service life of the solenoid valve will be very short

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