Forced cooling method for the flow hole of the hot

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Glass tank furnace flow hole Qiang Stora Enso has purchased the refrigeration method of virdia biological company of the United States, which belongs to the field of glass smelting. The glass tank furnace flow hole adopts forced cooling combined with air cooling and water cooling at the same time. At the place where the external surface demand structure of the slab brick at the mouth of the flow hole determines the industrial structure, a water cooling coil is set close to the brick surface, At the same time, a forced air cooling pipe is set around the flow hole, and a thermal resistance for temperature measurement is installed at the cover brick of the flow hole, and the temperature is directly displayed on the instrument. Two cooling methods, water cooling and air cooling, are adopted to cool the cover plate brick of the convection liquid hole and the contact surface, which effectively reduces the temperature of the contact surface. 1 Turn the rod of the zigzag mechanism to the limit on the left (relative to the black knob with more brittle hardness (low plasticity)) to reduce the erosion rate of the glass liquid on the refractory here, prolong the service life of the pool furnace flow hole and even the whole pool furnace, and reduce various glass defects caused by erosion

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