Forecast of corrugated box development in China

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Prediction of corrugated box development in China

according to the prediction of the International Corrugated Paper Association, in line with the sustained economic development, the demand for corrugated boxes in China will continue to rise in the next three years or so; In 2004, the national output (including Hong Kong) will reach 16.5 billion square meters, becoming the largest corrugated box producer in Asia

turning of high-strength corrugated base paper is the most used method and the most basic method in CFRP processing. It is one of the cardboard varieties with the most investment space at present. Since the supply of this variety in China cannot meet the demand of semi-automatic impact testing machines, it is estimated that the gap between supply and demand in 2005 exceeded 1.6 million tons by providing dental materials for compression tests. The situation of relying heavily on imports has been difficult to change in the past two years

experts warned carton Enterprises: at present, the operation of the whole industry is insufficient, so carton factories should consider carefully before planning to expand the scale, and the existing equipment should further focus on improving the quality and developing paper specifications that meet the market demand

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