Tianjin wants to expand and strengthen the medical

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Tianjin wants to expand and strengthen the medical plastics industry

it was learned from Tianjin Plastics Research Institute that at present, a large pharmaceutical enterprise group in Tianjin is proposing mergers and acquisitions to Tianjin Plastics Research Institute. The Tianjin municipal government attaches great importance to this and is actively coordinating. It hopes that by taking advantage of this acquisition, it can focus on the advantages of Tianjin's medical devices and medical plastics industry, and expand and strengthen the city's medical devices and medical plastics industry

tianganfeng lithium industry has certain advantages. Tianjin Plastic Research Institute has been engaged in the R & D and production of medical plastics for more than ten years. As medical plastics is an emerging industry with high added value and high-tech content, by 2022, Tianjin Plastic Research Institute, which belongs to Tianjin plastic group, will stand out not only within the plastic group, but also among plastic research institutes across the country

since it was transformed from a scientific research institution in 2000, Tianjin Plastics Research Institute has a strong development ability. In units with a total number of less than 100 people, the proportion of technology developers accounts for more than 60%, of which 4 have received government subsidies from the State Council. Based on the market, the research institute has jointly developed products needed by the market with hospital experts, including attending doctors and professors. At present, there are 10 products with registration certificates, nearly 20 patents, and has received a subsidy of 1million yuan from the national science and technology innovation fund of the Ministry of science and technology, which is mainly used for the research and development of plastic catheter projects of medical interventional therapy series. At the same time, the Institute also has sales and business advantages, and has direct business relations with more than 400 hospitals in China. Its products are sold directly to hospitals, reducing the circulation links

at present, the new products developed by the Institute include membrane oxygenator, interventional catheter, multi lumen catheter, balloon dilation catheter and variable diameter catheter. Among them, the technology of reducing catheter has reached the advanced level of foreign technology, and clinical trials have been carried out. Every year, the Institute also takes the opportunity to participate in exhibitions abroad or send personnel to study abroad, brings foreign information, ongoing technologies and products and advanced concepts into China, pays attention to the cultivation of talents and the introduction of foreign experts, and constantly solves new problems in scientific research. As a result, the plate spring designed for Volvo uses up to 60 layers of glass fiber unidirectional fabric, which greatly accelerates the development progress of medical plastic products, The quality of products has been continuously improved

this pharmaceutical enterprise that wants to acquire Tianjin Plastics Research Institute is a large domestic pharmaceutical group with an annual output value of several billion yuan. Last year, the sales revenue of only one product reached 1billion yuan. The original intention of acquiring Tianjin Plastics Research Institute is to focus on the advantages of Tianjin Plastics Research Institute in the field of medical plastics. They promised that after the successful acquisition, they would inject a large amount of funds into Tianjin Plastics Research Institute to support the development of new products of the Institute

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