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Prediction and analysis of the demand prospect of China's industrial robots in 2014

China's industrial robots started in the early 1970s. After more than 20 years of development, they have roughly experienced three stages: the embryonic period in the 1970s, the development period in the 1980s and the applicability period in the 1990s. Since the beginning of the research on industrial robots, China's industrial robot industry has been making continuous progress

in recent years, nearly 60 enterprises engaged in the production of industrial robots have emerged in China, including Xinsong robot, Boshi automation, Everett (Chery equipment), Juyi welding, Guangzhou CNC, Wodi, Qingdao soft control, but the degree of industrialization and application of products is low, and most of them are in the production scale of dozens of units

it is estimated that by 2014, the demand for robots in China's industrial load measurement system with high precision, high stability and automatic temperature compensation will reach 32000, becoming the world's largest demand country

Lei Weiming, marketing manager of digital manufacturing in the Asia Pacific Marketing Department of Siemens plmsoftware, told the author that in general, today's industrial robots are a system integrating electromechanical and computer software, Enterprises must master good engineering design and analysis ability of machinery, servo motor, precision 3, test piece introduction, reducer and sensor system, master comprehensive computer simulation, visualization and programming strength, and fully understand the working principles and requirements of the application industry

in terms of application, the market demand has surged in the past three years, and has expanded from the automotive industry to many fields such as power and electronics, machine tools, chemical industry, etc., with a large market demand space. Since 2010, the demand for industrial robots in China has surged, 1.7 times higher than that in 2009, and 51% higher than that in 2010. It is expected that the demand will reach 32000 units by 2014, becoming the world's largest demand country. This is mainly because of the rapid rise in labor costs in China, and some enterprises began to replace labor with industrial robots

foreign brands account for most of the high-tech market of waterproof experimental machine products.

80% of China's market share is occupied by ABB, FANUC, Yaskawa and KUKA

in recent years, the popularization of robots has developed from a single robot work unit to a working group of multiple robots, and even a production line that can complete the whole manufacturing process

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