Force majeure of Zeiss adipic acid plant in randic

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Lantic Germany Zeitz adipic acid plant force majeure

Italian lantic group recently announced that its Zeitz Germany adipic acid plant with an annual output of 93000 tons was force majeure. The main reason for this force majeure is the flood in eastern Germany last week

according to lantiqi square, accurate data can be obtained only with the lower oil cylinder; According to the news that the main engine is on the platform, Caici's factory itself has not been damaged, but there is a problem in the supply of raw materials. Caitz plant produces adipic acid from phenol, which is usually transported by railway. The flood led to the collapse of a bridge where Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a German laboratory machine factory, has been adhering to the production principle for so many years, affecting the transportation of phenol. Zeitz's factory is currently operating within the range of raw materials available to it, and the factory is currently working hard to solve logistics problems

although there are many difficulties, landic will still make every effort to achieve 100% of the sales commitment, and will supply goods at the same time together with Zeitz factory and Novara factory in Italy

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